Vertical Baling Press

This vertical baling press is a space saving unit to compact large-volume materials. The standard machine is equipped with 2 chambers in which different materials can be collected. These machines are used in an optimal way for re-expending materials like PET and foil.


  • 2 chambers
  • SPS-control (TÜV-Certifikate)
  • Automatic bale ejection
  • Key switch
  • Efficient material backholder
  • Forklift pockets
  • Pedestal for easy filling
  • Bale cure with wire or non-metallic strapping
  • Painted in a RAL colour of customers choice


Optional: Additional chambers


Baling Press      Technical Data
Machine length   3.091 mm
Machine widh   1.232 mm
Machine height   3.292 mm
Empty weight   2.880 kg
Bale length   1.200 mm
Bale width   800 mm
Bale weight   300-450 kg
Wires per bale   4
Feed opening dimension   1.180 x 780 mm
Bale ejection   Start button autom.
Time per cycle   35 + 13 sec.
Pressing force   300 kN (30 t)
Pressing pressure   195 bar
Electrical connection   3 x 400 V / 50 Hz
Fusing on client side   25 A, slow
Connection plug   CCE - 5 x 32 A / 6h